Management and Standards

The importance of an overall information security stategy can not be underestimated; It defines, what is important and how to protect it in a way that works for your business's overall plans and objectives – not against them.

Securus Global provides management and technical advice and assistance to businesses wishing to establish management and government frameworks against benchmarks such as ISO 27001 / ISO 27001, ISO 27005, ISO 31000, information security, risk management and corporate governance standards. Our consultants work collaboratively on design and implementation to ensure that they are consistent with and aligned to an organisations needs and objectives and provided measurable business value.

Of course, no two businesses and requirements are ever 100% the same so services completely flexible and can be tailored in discussion with our senior business and compliance consultants. Our methodologies and teams are completely scalable and are therefore suitable  businesses and enterprises of all sizes looking for a more economical and maintainable approach. Examples of how we can help include:

  • Compliance program development
  • Director due diligence assessments
  • Third party due diligence assessments
  • ISO 27001 audits and compliance
  • State of security assessments.
  • Roles and responsibilities definition.
  • Information security management plans.
  • Policy and standards review and development.
  • Virtual security teams.