Incident Management & Response

In many cases in a compromise, a malicious outsider gaining access to confidential systems and data, goes undetected.

If it is detected, you have to respond quickly, understand what has happened, how to stop it, recover to a safe state and preserve evidence for further investigation.

The SGRecover™ Incident Management and Response Team assists in developing and maintaining programs and processes which provide the basis for quick response and necessary action.

If the worst does eventuate, the SGRecover™Team can help you get back to business as usual, investigate the incident and maintain forensically sound change of evidence for further action.

The SGRecover™ Team have been used by banks, payment card brands and companies across most industry sectors in all phases of their Incident Management Programs – from preparation and planning through to response and recovery.

SGRecover™ services include:

  • Roadmap and strategy development.
  • BCP and DR gap assessments.
  • Business Impact Assessment.
  • CSIRT and recovery.
  • Forensics and Investigations.
  • Virtual Teams