Mobile Application Security Testing

Having been quick to embrace the latest-generation mobile technology, Securus Global now has several years experience in iPhone and Android security testing. Over the years, we have undertaken penetration tests of mobile applications from a variety of sectors, including major Australian financial institutions and media companies whose business depends on the security of their data.

Securus Global is experienced in iOS and Android data protection and encryption, having performed assessments for several major banks to ensure that their customers and their own data remains secure at all times.

Likewise, we have reviewed the Android and iOS platforms themselves, alongside written numerous iOS and Android security standards, SDLC’s and hardening guides for major Australian customers.

Securus Global has also performed closed-source application reviews of both iOS and Android applications as well as on Android and iPhone system software using reverse engineering techniques including: 

  • Mobile banking and finance applications
  • Email and enterprise integration applications
  • Remote access clients
  • Multimedia content provider applications

Securus Global recognises the significance of your mobile application security and with our array of skills and experience, we welcome the opportunity to work with you, in order to identify potential risks and deliver the results to ensure the security of your applications.