Security Consulting Services

technical, business & compliance solutions

The Securus Global Business,Technical and Compliance Teams are highly experienced and have a deserved reputation for being the go-to-people for assessments and advice on security risks and business impact. Our solutions cover a broad range of services from senior strategic and compliance advice and assessment through to highly technical security testing and ongoing assurance.

Of course, no two businesses and requirements are ever identical so services completely flexible and can be tailored in discussion with our analysts and consultants.

Solution Programs


Business Security Solutions

Strategic and resource based solutions to assist businesses and enterprises to assess, define, manage and maintain security management practices and programs. 

Technical Security Assessments

Identification and assessment of the vulnerabilities and business risks in systems, applications, products and environments. 

Compliance Solutions

Advisory, assessment and assurance solutions to assist businesses and enterprises identify, assess and maintain compliance with their internal and external regulatory, contractual and business obligations.