Securus Global as a demonstrated commitment to the development of secure telecommunications in Australia and works closely with major Australian telecommunication companies to secure their infrastructure, internal systems and customer interfaces.

We understand that Telecommunications companies are dealing with fast paced competitive industry with complex, constantly changing environments and thousands of partners, technologies and points of exposure.

At the forefront of concern are satisfying the increasing industry regulatory requirements and greater risk around breach exposure, privacy, copyright, brand damage, security and the corporate governance of IT.

Recent assistance provided to Telecommunication Industry companies include;

  • Full perimeter environmental scanning and vulnerability assessment
  • New customer self-service portal penetration tests.
  • Configuration audit and control products.
  • Vulnerability management products.
  • Web Application Scanning (WAS) Products.
  • Temporary specialist security teams to satisfy overflow requirements for penetration testing and security reviews.
  • Firewall configuration reviews
  • Security Review for new project rollouts

For more information regarding how Securus Global can help your organisation or references for specific projects and engagements, please contact us at or call us on (02) 9283 0255 to arrange for one of our Relationship Managers to discuss your requirements.