About us

Company Overview

Since 2003, Securus Global has been a trusted partner with major corporations, government departments, and SME’s. We add value and credibility to these organisations by enhancing and enabling their security position through the provision of the following and complementary services.

In 2013, Securus Global joined the publically listed company PS&C Group which now provides us with greater capacity, more flexibility to integrate people, communications and security and wider coverage of master services and approved supplier panels.

If you are a discerning company that takes security seriously and has high expectations about who you engage and what is delivered to you, Securus Global wants to work with you! If you have worked with us before, you’ll know that security assessments and security consultants are not all the same and with Securus Global the results speak for themselves. If you haven’t worked with us before, test our claims. 

Our Guarantee

With Securus Global we guarantee that you:

  • Have the right people with the right knowledge and the latest research and development intelligence working for you.
  • Have available to you the entire team and corporate knowledge, not just those directly engaged on a review.
  • Be working with people who will understand your business and the business environment you operate in.