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Payment security ‘a shared responsibility’

July 01, 2013

The payment card industry data security standard is something that various groups need to take seriously, including vendors, processors, acquirers and retailers, an expert has warned.

Bob Russo, general manager at the PCI Security Standards Council, explained that all aspects of the payment chain need to be aware of the risks they face.

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Regulation and Compliance – It’s all relative and what you are used to…

June 07, 2013

This old Beast or Buddha post from 2009, our CEO, Drazen Drazic looked at regulation and compliance. It’s worth reviewing again and seeing where we stand in 2013 as the Government starts to follow the likes of the US now in terms of assessing whether more regulation and compliance is needed.


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Three myths of PCI DSS compliance

May 03, 2013

Most retailers today will likely be familiar with the concept of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – a set of rules and regulations set down to ensure the security and confidentiality of consumers who utilise debit and credit card payments.

However there are still many myths and misconceptions regarding PCI DSS compliance that can act as potential pitfalls for unwary business operators.

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