Trend Micro: Q1 attacks targeted at government organisations

May 24, 2014

76 per cent of targeted cyber attacks in Q1 2014 were aimed at government organisations, according to a new quarterly report from Trend Micro.

Called "Cybercrime Hits the Unexpected", the report detailed the prevalence of targeted attacks in the government sector, and how far behind other industries were. For example, the IT and telecommunications industries each accounted for 5 per cent of attacks.

This data was collected from Trend Micro's global anonymous customer data network.

JD Sherry, VP of technology and solutions at Trend Micro, explained to that the public sector was a prime target for hacktivism.

"Especially in the public sector, [targeted attacks] are definitely going to be hacktivist driven, or some other government trying to carry out espionage," Sherry said.

Hacktivists are cyber criminals who use computer systems mainly for political motivations. Free speech and protest are common reasons for attacks.

Cyber crime shows so sign of slowing down – especially due to the financial rewards hacking holds. Governments will need to ensure effective vulnerability management is carried out on a regular basis.

By staying on top of the latest vulnerabilities, and carrying out constant testing, a government can ensure information security for citizens and employees.

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