iDroid trojan could disrupt mobile business capabilities

May 01, 2014

A new malware released in the mobile device world has potential to cause significant damage.

Surfacing from the Russian hacking underground, the so-called iDroid trojan is capable of attacking both iOS and Android operating systems – the majority of the world's mobile devices. Posts about the supposed malware were discovered by researchers from cyber intelligence firm SenseCy in late April. The firm reports iDroid is apparently on sale on the cyber crime black market for USD$800 – $1500.

iDroid boasts a number of frightening capabilities, including keylogging, email grabbing and data lifting from mobile wallets such as Yandex.Money and WebMoney Keeper Mobile.

After infecting a device, iDroid is able to lift this sensitive information and send it to the operator who can then use it to make a profit.

While iDroid is already active, another sister product is allegedly on its way into the hacking market. iDroid bot 0.8 is being created by the same developer, and can be delivered by Bluetooth for Android, SenseCy found.

The sale of trojan software is by no means new, and iDroid is merely the next in a long line of malicious malware to come out of Russia. The development economy for such 'products' is so advanced, the trojan developer attempted to raise funding from a Russian crowd-funding site.

The rapid pace of malware development – increasingly found on mobile devices – emphasises the need for adequate mobile application security measures. In a business environment, company devices need to have software monitored constantly to stay safe from these threats.

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