Monthly Archives: May 2014

POS malware comprises 1,500 devices and half a million payment cards

May 31, 2014

Over half a million payment cards have been compromised by a piece of malware that has infected around 1,500 point-of-sale (POS) devices globally.

The malware, part of a worldwide botnet called Nemanja, was recently discovered by cyber intelligence firm IntelCrawler – located on over 1,478 hosts in 35 countries including Australia. The list of infected devices currently includes POS terminals, accounting systems and grocery management platforms.

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Credit card information of 300 individuals at risk

May 30, 2014

The credit card information of 300 individuals is at risk following a substantial data breach at WooThemes, a provider of custom WordPress themes.

Customers reported around 300 cases of credit card fraud to WooThemes in the days leading up to May 9. WooThemes then notified users that three modified files had been found on the server and used to intercept payment details – likely during the checkout process. A number of security practices were put in place in response.

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Stolen USB drive compromises information of 3,000 individuals

May 28, 2014

The personal information of 2,963 members of a US healthcare provider has been compromised following the theft of a USB drive.

Humana, a company specialising in healthcare solutions, announced last week that an employee's car had been broken into. Among the items stolen were an encrypted laptop and an unencrypted USB drive, which included names, medical records and Social Security numbers.

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More L.A. County patients impacted in breach

US Healthcare breaches continue, with the recent announcement that the personal and sensitive information of another 3,500 patients has been leaked, according to a report from the L.A. Times.

Los Angeles County officials announced on May 22 that social security numbers, billing and address information had been compromised following the February 5 theft of eight Sutherland Healthcare Solutions (SHS) computers in Los Angeles County.

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Trend Micro: Q1 attacks targeted at government organisations

76 per cent of targeted cyber attacks in Q1 2014 were aimed at government organisations, according to a new quarterly report from Trend Micro.

Called "Cybercrime Hits the Unexpected", the report detailed the prevalence of targeted attacks in the government sector, and how far behind other industries were. For example, the IT and telecommunications industries each accounted for 5 per cent of attacks.

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eBay hacked, personal customer information breached

US auction site eBay has announced a substantial data breach, and the leak of personal customer information including names, passwords, physical addresses and phone numbers.

Cyber attackers breached the network through a small number of compromised employee log-in details. These details allowed the attackers to access eBay's corporate network and retrieve sensitive information. 

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