Cyber criminals may be changing tactics

March 25, 2014

Cyber criminals may be changing tactics as technology evolves, focusing on new devices that haven’t had proper security systems developed.

Often these new devices are privy to sensitive information, and a data breach could lead a business into significant trouble. Any change in criminal tactics should be cause to update enterprise security systems.

Cyber criminals may also be turning their attention to the rapid adoption of mobile devices in enterprises, as security systems are unlikely to be as established. This will change over time, but the current array of devices in use is a potentially easy target.

It will be important for Australians to understand the importance of mobile security, as it’s likely many are unaware of the connected nature of devices. With mobile device adoption continuing to grow, mobile cyber-crime is certain to increase.

Users are increasingly using mobile devices at home and work, so a potential data breach could result in damage to both personal and business information. Proper security precautions will need to be taken with mobile devices, especially as they become more powerful and portable.

In the past, computer operating systems were restricted to desktops and laptops, thus ensuring a relatively low chance of losing a computer with sensitive information. Operating systems can now be run on tablet devices, meaning the chance of leaving a computer connected to an enterprise network is a possibility.

Security measures are often simple operations to undertake, and should be put in place as soon as possible. Following installation, penetration testing should be undertaken in order to identify any security flaws.

If a new piece of technology is introduced, the policy needs to be updated accordingly with it in mind.

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