Ensuring business security with the Internet of Things

March 21, 2014

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a major area of growth for the IT sector over the past few years, promising a wide array of benefits for businesses moving into the space.

Adoption of the trend could lead businesses into security troubles, though, as many won't be equipped to deal with the sheer amount of data produced. As such, security and testing need to become primary considerations for businesses moving into IoT operations.

With the trend continuing to grow, businesses may also face trouble from data centres, as both capacity and security measures may not meet the required standards. Due to data volumes, standards of security will need to be adhered to.

"IoT deployments will generate large quantities of data that need to be processed and analysed in real time," said Fabrizio Biscotti, research director at Gartner.

By processing such large volumes of data, the likelihood of security breaches and data leaks could rise. Security systems can only accomplish so much here – getting the correct security personnel will be necessary.

"Processing large quantities of IoT data in real time will increase as a proportion of workloads of data centres, leaving providers facing new security, capacity and analytics challenges," said Mr Biscotti.

"The enormous number of devices, coupled with the sheer volume, velocity and structure of IoT data, creates challenges, particularly in the areas of security, data, storage management, servers and the data centre network, as real-time business processes are at stake," said Joe Skorupa, Gartner VP and distinguished analyst.

Following successful installation of security measures, businesses should conduct penetration testing. This method essentially probes a network for possible entry points and allows them to be fixed.

When making IoT considerations over the next few years, security measures should be at the forefront of planning.

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