How new technologies are playing havoc with businesses

March 08, 2014

Technology adoption has been constantly changing the nature of businesses for decades, with the introduction of new devices and services often forcing companies to change tactics and strategies. 

Businesses have struggled to keep up with the wave of new devices and services, often letting security measures get slack.

"Many companies still struggle to secure their older technologies, let alone the new technologies," said Managing Director at Securus Global Drazen Drazic.

Security issues haven't changed either. The introduction of new devices and software platforms in businesses has brought in new security issues, while old ones remain unchanged.

"If you look at our security testing reports from 2003 and compare them to ones in 2014, for most part, it's the same old issues. If someone told me 10 years ago we'd be no better off security wise on the internet, in fact even worse off as new technologies evolve, I would have been dubious of their statement," he said.

The wave of new devices and software platforms is unlikely to relent in the near future, especially as the IT sector looks to be moving into wearable computing. While these devices will pose new security risks, prevention tactics remain the same.

"With new technologies, companies are learning about them on the fly as they get things to market to maintain competitive advantage or keep pace with others. Security is rarely even an after-thought," said Mr Drazic.

Security strategies remain the same, with establishing the correct people before implementing systems the best way to ensure lasting security. New devices and technologies, however, will force the need for vigilance when it comes to security plans.

As mobile devices see continue to see growth among enterprise users, mobile application security strategies need to be instigated. These will become especially important as wearable computing becomes the industry focus over the next decade. Common policies are those such as bring-your-own-device, which put restrictions in place around using personal computing devices in the workplace.

In addition to this, testing measures with any system are essential. Frequent penetration testing can expose gaps in a security service before a breach occurs.

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