HP identifies enterprise security risks

February 25, 2014

Computer manufacturer HP has recently published the Cyber Risk Report for 2013, created by HP Security Research, a smaller division of the company.

The report identifies the security risks likely to impact businesses and the current threats causing issues right now. HP identified mobile devices, insecure software and growing Java applications as areas of particular risk.

"Adversaries today are more adept than ever and are collaborating more effectively to take advantage of vulnerabilities across an ever-expanding attack surface," said Jacob West, CTO of Enterprise Security Products at HP.

Any enterprise is at risk of a data breach – especially in a technology sector where companies are keeping increasingly valuable financial data and information on their systems.

"The industry must band together to proactively share security intelligence and tactics in order to disrupt malicious activities driven by the growing underground marketplace," Mr West said.

Several concerning statistics were detailed in the report, which should be given due attention by enterprises. The number of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities increased by 6 per cent year-over-year.

Showing the importance of mobile security, the report found 46 per cent of mobile applications use encryption improperly.

Proper investments in security will need to be made continually over the next few years, focusing mainly on data security and outside access prevention. Companies will also need to pay close attention to internal data breaches – an area far harder to place security precautions.

Paying close attention to mobile application security will also hold importance in the near future, as mobile devices become increasingly similar to traditional computers in terms of performance. Security on these devices will need to be as secure as standard infrastructure.

Ethical hacking is one of the best options for enterprises to use once the security measures are in place, as it highlights areas where security improvements are needed.

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