Vulnerability management ‘being affected by Nexus of Forces’

October 29, 2013

Vulnerability management will continue to be affected by the Nexus of Forces, Gartner has insisted.

The analyst firm said the Nexus – which comprises social, mobile, cloud and big data – is becoming an increasing strain on traditional security models.

This will result in 60 per cent of enterprise information security budgets being allocated towards the rapid detection and response to threats by 2020, compared with just ten per cent this year.

Gartner also claimed that mobile workforces are creating new demands on existing systems and infrastructure, with businesses needing to be flexible to the evolving digital landscape. 

Tom Scholtz, vice-president and Gartner fellow, said there is going to be many changes to IT security infrastructure over the next ten years.

"Organisations are changing radically – tearing down and redefining traditional boundaries via collaboration, outsourcing and the adoption of cloud-based services – and information security must change with them," he explained.

Mr Scholtz said systems need to become more adaptive by including more context at the moment a security decision must be made, enabling more accurate assessments of whether actions should be allowed or denied.

"The megatrends of consumerisation, mobility, social, and cloud computing are radically transforming the relationship between IT, the business and individual users," he stated.

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