Malware protection to be rolled out by Telstra

September 19, 2013

The Telstra BigPond network has been upgraded in a bid to protect customers from malware attacks.

After research from the Kindsight Security Labs Malware Report – Q2 2013 showed that as many as ten per cent of home networks are affected by malware, Telstra decided to take steps to enhance vulnerability management.

The findings also identified that six per cent of broadband users are infected with types of malware related to botnets, which are usually created and distributed by cyber criminals.

Telstra has now become the first internet service provider in Australia to roll out this technology, which has already proved successful in Europe and North America.

The malware suppression technology is designed to prevent computers and devices infected with malware relating to botnets interacting with their command and control servers.

A computer or device that infected with malware may carry out a DNS request to try and connect to a known command and control server – the technology will recognise this request and prevent it from going through.

Customers should not notice any disruption to their service and will receive an email within the next couple of weeks explaining the changes in greater detail.


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