FBI warns of further attacks by Syrian Electronic Army

September 10, 2013

Media outlets are advised to be on high alert after the Syrian Electronic Army attacked a number of high profile outlets over recent weeks.

The FBI issued the warning and said the group was particularly capable in the areas of hijacking social media accounts, web defacements and spearphishing.

One of the methods used by the Syrian Electronic Army has been hacking third party networks, which include a domain name system registrar and a content recommendation site.

A more notable breach occurred back in April, when the group compromised the Twitter feed belonging to the Associated Press, where it posted a fake story saying President Barack Obama had been injured.

The story was so believable that it even led to a fall in the stock market, showing just how important it is for outlets to carry out ethical hacking and other strategies to see how secure their sites are.

The FBI has recommended that website owners display heightened awareness of their network traffic, before taking any necessary steps to ensure that it is secure.

Anyone who does detect any suspicious activity is advised to contact the FBI Cyber Task Force immediately so that any action can be taken as soon as possible.


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