Public consultation launched on Australian Privacy Principles

August 28, 2013

The Australian Privacy Principles, due to come into force in March next year, have officially been released for public consultation.

Australian information commissioner John McMillan and privacy commissioner Timothy Pilgrim launched the consultation, which relates to new laws encouraging greater transparency in the management of personal information.

“This will give people a better understanding of how their personal information will be handled so that they can make an informed decision about interacting with the entities covered by the Privacy Act,” said Professor McMillan.

He encouraged anyone with an interest in privacy to put forward their opinions on the proposals, so that any guidance issued will be as useful as possible to those affected.

It is hoped that the legislation will help Australian government agencies and private sector organisations alike comply with privacy obligations, which should give them a better handle on vulnerability management.

Draft guidelines are set to be released in stages, with the first providing an insight on new requirements for agencies and organisation on how they manage personal information.

This will include the requirement to have a clear, concise and up-to-date privacy policy that is easily accessible to members of the public.