Google Glass faces more security concerns

July 31, 2013

Google Glass faces fresh concerns over security vulnerabilities, with ethical hacking showing the device's operating system (OS) can be overridden and replaced. 

The search engine giant claimed in a Google+ post in June that it would not be approving facial recognition programs for Glass, adding that such applications could be blocked from being installed.

However, co-founder of software company Lambda Labs Stephen Balaban re-engineered his Google Glass's OS with an alternative, unauthorised version. 

Mr Balaban was then able to use this to install his own custom-made facial recognition application that generates a summary of mutual friends the user has with the person and other shared interests.

Rob Livingstone, fellow at Sydney's University of Technology, stated in an article for academic news portal The Conversation that this development opens up many questions about security and privacy for the device.

"Eyes are on Google to set a standard of good practice for wearable technology," he explained.

Mr Livingstone said Google Glass use has a number of implications for both the person wearing the device and those who come into contact with them.

"Its biggest challenge will be to balance the opportunities for the technology and those keen to explore it, with those who see insurmountable problems with a more invasive technology."