US weapon designs exposed in cyber attack

May 29, 2013

A new report prepared by the American Defense Science Board (DSB) for the Pentagon has detailed how data relating to advanced weapons systems has been compromised.

According to the information contained in the report, more than two dozen weapon system designs were compromised in an attack which was rumoured to have originated from China. These claims are still unconfirmed.

The hackers gained access to designs for weapons such as missile systems and combat aircrafts. The report stated that the possible consequences of such attacks could affect US forces and operations.

"After conducting an 18-month study, this Task Force concluded that the cyber threat is serious," the report states.

"The United States cannot be confident that our critical information technology systems will work under attack from a sophisticated and well-resourced opponent."

The news may act as a timely reminder for Australian organisations to step up their vulnerability management practices.

The consequences of a security breach can be devastating not only for your company, but also for the customer, especially when sensitive financial information is jeopardised.

The risk of cyber threats cannot be ignored, which is why regular penetration testing can be critical to ensure that your ICT networks are strongly protected against cyber criminals.

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