How tech-savvy is your organisation?

May 27, 2013

When it comes to leveraging new technology, is your company at the forefront of the movement
or are you hanging back at the edge?

According to a new report from Gartner, many Australian executives might identify themselves as leaders, not followers, in this area, with a recent report showing those in the Asia Pacific region think of their organisations as 'pioneers'.

The results from the 2013 Gartner CEO and Senior Executive Survey show that 32 per cent of executives see themselves as "aggressive adopters" in the area of business IT and innovation, while a further 31 per cent classify themselves as "fast followers".

"It is interesting that the Asia Pacific region, long seen anecdotally as more conservative in leveraging technology and driving innovation, has overtaken the global average of CEOs (26 per cent) who describe their company cultures as being pioneering in the adoption of innovation," Gartner vice president Partha Iyengar said in a May 14 statement.

"This means a larger number of CEOs than we would anecdotally expect are willing to take risks in the adoption of technology to get first-mover advantage."

The survey reveals that almost 70 per cent of Asia Pacific chief executives see themselves as having a good understanding of IT-related issues, and many are planning to leverage business IT innovations to help improve areas of the organisation.

However, despite these technologically savvy perceptions, many chief executives say that their organisations have yet to really nail down the fundamentals of implementing new technologies.

Chief executives are expecting their chief information officers to deliver more business value, but 55 per cent of executives say that just "getting the basics right" will be a huge factor, with survey respondents believing that 16 per cent of investments into IT are wasted.

While being tech-savvy and pioneering can offer great business advantages, it's important to ensure that your vulnerability management doesn't suffer in the rush to adopt new technologies or innovations.

Before you decide to invest in new technology, it's important to assess any security threats that your organisation could be exposed to as a result.

A trusted security provider can undertake due diligence assessments of your organisation, in order to identify any threats or flaws that may be present – Securus Global offers this as part of their security audit services, so you can be confident that your business is protected.

Using measures such as penetration testing and even ethical hacking, they can undertake a thorough assessment of your ICT security.

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