Privacy Awareness Week kicks off for 2013

April 30, 2013

Federal attorney-general Mark Dreyfus has officially launched the Privacy Awareness Week for 2013.

An initiative from the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities forum (APPA), Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is held every year to help promote awareness about current privacy issues and emphasise the importance of protecting personal information.

This year, the focus of PAW will be on the upcoming Privacy Act 1988 reforms set to take place in less than 12 months, with over 150 partners from the private sector, not-for-profit sector and government agencies set to join the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner in the campaign for 2013.

"We often say that good privacy is good business," privacy commissioner Timothy Pilgrim said in an April 26 statement.

"Businesses and government agencies with an organisational culture that supports and recognises the importance of privacy will enjoy the benefits of customer trust and goodwill."

Undertaking a security audit in your own organisation can help you identify any gaps that may be present in your current security policy.

Methods such as penetration testing can help you strengthen your policy to ensure that critical information and sensitive data are adequately protected, ensuring your business benefits from continued customer trust.

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