UK invests in cyber security Academic Research Institute

March 26, 2013

The UK Government Communications Headquarters has announced the introduction of a new cyber security Academic Research Institute, set to open for business in April of this year.

The institute is the second of its kind in the UK, with the first having been in operation since September 2012, and has been funded by a £4.5 million (AUS $6.53 million) government grant.

It will be made up of teams from six Universities across the UK, which were selected following a tough competitive process that saw entrants preparing research projects on several of today's most important cyber security challenges.

The winning teams will now come together to undertake world-leading vulnerability management research which is set to benefit businesses, individuals and government organisations alike.

UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council chief executive David Delpy says that the institute will serve an important role in ensuring the online world remains safe and secure.

"Academic research that both evaluates threats and devises appropriate defences and safeguards is vital to our national and personal security," said Mr Delpy in a statement released March 21.

"Fundamental and applied science and engineering have important roles to play here."

All across the globe, government organisations are increasing their investment in the field of cyber security research, in an attempt to combat the modern digital threats that are facing many countries today.

For example, here in Australia prime minister Julia Gillard recently announced the implementation of a new national Cyber Security Centre in Canberra.

However private sector organisations should be careful not to depend too much on public research and initiatives when it comes to defending their own assets against digital threats.

If your organisation is looking to increase investment in cyber security research and improve vulnerability management, your best option is to engage in a professional ethical hacking evaluation, which simulates a legitimate cyberattack.

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