Cybercrime expert warns organisations to be wary of data breach risk

December 22, 2012

Businesses concerned about ensuring vulnerability management and cyber security in 2013 will need to be continuously vigilant to the threat of data breaches and malware, says cybercrime prevention solutions provider ThreatMetrix.

Other key factors which ThreatMetrix is warning organisations to be on the lookout for include cyber warfare, the risks associated with personal devices being used for work-related purposes and the emergence of cloud computing.

According to ThreatMetrix chief technology officer Andreas Baumhof, cybercriminals are now becoming so advanced that many experts are failing to detect their attacks in a timely manner.

"As nearly every industry is increasingly targeted, businesses and consumers must make cyber security a top priority in 2013 to prevent fraud and malware attacks," said Mr Baumhof in a statement published December 20.

ThreatMetrix is predicting that organisations in the financial services, insurance, retail, enterprise and public sectors will be those most at risk of being impact by cybercrime in 2013.

It has also pointed to the growth of mobile and social technology as another risk factor that could lead to an increase in the amount of digital fraud which is occurring.

Mr Baumhof says that while no organisation can ever be completely safe from digital fraud, it is important that they take preventative measures now in order to mitigate the risk that they will be targeted by malicious cyber criminals.

"While cyber security and fraud prevention seems unnecessary for some businesses, cybercriminals are so sophisticated today that they can’t be kept at bay for long without appropriate strategies in place," said Mr Baumhof.

Organisations concerned about their current levels of cyber security and wary of the possibility of being targeted by cybercriminals in the New Year may want to take the time now to consider the advantages of a security audit evaluation.

A security audit can identify any potential vulnerabilities in your existing cyber security protocols and help prevent data breaches and other such incidents from occurring before they put the personal information of your organisation's employees and customers at risk.

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