Microsoft release critical vulnerability management patches for Windows 8

December 13, 2012

Businesses committed to ongoing vulnerability management and cyber security will be interested to learn that Microsoft has released seven patches designed to fix potential vulnerabilities in the recently released Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems.

Of those patches released on Microsoft's traditional 'Patch Tuesday' on December 11 , five have been labelled "critical" while the other two have been dubbed "important".

Amongst the various updates is one which purportedly addresses three "privately reported vulnerabilities" in the Internet Explorer web browser, which could potentially allow cybercriminals to remotely access a user's computer via a specially crafted website.

Keeping on top of the latest security updates and patches is an important part of ensuring your business is correctly mitigating the risk of being impacted by a cyber criminal or other such malicious entity.

As technology evolves and spends more time in the public sphere, it is only natural that new and unforeseen vulnerabilities and potential exploits will emerge.

For that reason, patching all relevant software with the latest security updates is an essential part of ensuring an ongoing vulnerability management strategy.

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