UTD scientists invent ‘space travel’ cyber security technique

September 26, 2012

Scientists at the University of Texas in Dallas are claiming to have made a major vulnerability management breakthrough which offers computer users a new way to detect cyber threats across multiple computers.

The new technique – which has been nicknamed – allows one computer to monitor another for any potential viruses, unauthorised hacking attempts or other malicious threats.

explains research team leader and assistant professor of computer science Dr Zhiqiang Lin in a statement released September 19.

Using this machine, then the user or antivirus software can understand what’s happening with the space traveled computer setting off red flags if there is any intrusion.

The difference between this technique, Dr Lin explains, is that it utilises existing code already stored inside the computer and does not require software to be manually developed.

Dr Lin believes that space travel may become increasingly important with the growing popularity of cloud computing and could also one day help the FBI with investigations, by allowing them to monitor a suspects computers more easily.

For now however, the best way to protect your computer continues to be penetration testing and regular security audit procedures.

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