Dropbox to introduce new vulnerability management protocols

August 29, 2012

Cloud storage solution provider Dropbox has announced it will be upgrading its vulnerability management protocols by adding in an optional two-step verification process for users.

In an August 24 post on the company s official forums, Dropbox engineer Jie Tang – writing under the name Jie T. – revealed that the option will be available only to forum members at first.

reads the post.

The move comes in response to a security incident which occurred last month after a Dropbox employee s account was accessed using user details stolen from another website.

The hacker was then able to locate a project document which contained confidential Dropbox email addresses. It was not until users began to receive spam email to those addresses that Dropbox became aware of the incident.

By introducing two-factor identification, as well as other security measures such as mechanisms designed to detect suspicious activity, Dropbox hopes that it will be able to prevent future incidents of this nature.

Businesses worried about their own online security and information confidentiality might consider undergoing a Red Cell ethical hacking evaluation to determine if there are any gaps in the system which might be exploited by a malicious cybercriminal.

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