New white paper highlights changing needs of Australian consumers

August 24, 2012

Any retailer who accepts credit or debit card information from customers, whether in the online sphere or in standard brick and mortar stores, must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Ensuring PCI DSS compliance and strong vulnerability management awareness is a great way of showing customers you are committed to the security of their information and ensuring repeat business.

With the rising popularity of mobile devices for online shopping, the importance of placing an emphasis on digital security is increasing as more consumers choose to submit their information electronically.

A recent white paper from independent mobile ad network InMobi, released last month, has highlighted the changing needs of modern consumers and should be of interest to any marketer looking to improve their audience connectivity.

reads the report.

According to InMobi, tablet users are the most connected of all digital device users, with 67 per cent accessing digital content through their handhelds at least once per day.

Smartphone users followed close behind at 66 per cent, while laptop and desktop computers were used by 57 per cent of users to access media content at least once per day.

The heaviest time of usage for all three types of devices was between 18:00 and 20:59, suggesting that most Australians like to do their online shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

The InMobi white paper goes on to encourage marketers not to see tablet devices as merely another digital channel for information distribution, but as a unique part of the consumer decision making process.

Understanding the changing needs of consumers and realising the value of handheld digital devices is an essential part of utilising a successful online marketing strategy.

By combining PCI DSS compliance with an awareness of the requirements of the digital marketplace, you can position your organisation for on-going online retail success.

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