Leading Australian intelligence agent encourages proactive vulnerability management

August 24, 2012

A leading Australian intelligence officer has encouraged businesses to take more proactive vulnerability management measures in order to defend themselves from cyber security threats.

Speaking to a Canberra forum earlier this week, director general of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation David Irvine noted that there there have been more than 5,000 reported cyber incidents in 2012 to date, and that there are likely more which haven t yet been disclosed.

said Mr Irvine, as reported by ABC news (August 21).

Mr Irvine went on to note that if the government was a victim of a major cyber threat, it could lead to a breakdown in essential services.

Regular penetration testing can be a good way of assessing the potential weaknesses in your organisation s security system, in order to determine the correct course of action in the future.

By arming themselves with this knowledge, decision makers can take important steps towards ensuring the safety and privacy of staff and customers.

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