Ethical hacking team aims to protect vehicles from cybersecurity threats

August 24, 2012

These days, most people understand how important vulnerability management and following stringent security procedures are when it comes to protecting your home or office system from a computer virus.

However one of the biggest cyber security threats of the near future might not be to our PCs or laptops – it might be to our cars.

While there have been no known cyber virus attacks on automobiles yet, the growing propensity to include high-tech computer systems in the latest vehicles means this issue needs to be addressed now rather than later.

For that reason multinational computer chip suppliers Intel are already preparing for this next online security battleground, according to an article published August 20 by Reuters.

The company has recently contracted an ethical hacking team to hunt for bugs and faults which could potentially make vehicles vulnerable to viruses, which if left unchecked could have extremely dangerous consequences.

Jack Pokrzywa, manager of ground vehicle standards at SAE International told Reuters.

Mr Pokrzywa added.

While a cyber-attack on your business might not be as life threatening as an attack on your automobile could be, it is still important to consider the potential ramifications that could occur should a server be breached and confidential information be stolen.

Taking a few steps to protect your organisation in advance, such as those being taken by automobile manufacturers, is an important part of ensuring you are protected in the future and that you are minimising the potential risk of cybercrime.

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