One size does not fit all with PCI DSS

June 01, 2012

One of the most pervasive laws that governs business success is diversity – with each firm striving to differentiate itself and its offerings from their competitors.

This can take place over many different strategic areas, including product quality, service levels, price and feedback opportunities.

Operationally, this means that every enterprise is going to have internal systems that differ from those utilised by their peers – in terms of standard protocols and physical hardware.

When it comes to meeting the compliance requirements of the payment card industry data security standard, each and every single firm will need to have manual reviews conducted on a regular basis to ensure that their defences are up to the task.

Essentially, a ‘blanket’ security measure may not be enough to cover all the bases, as the specific needs of the business may not be covered.

Instead, it is often a much better idea to have the security measures examined and assessed by a professional compliance provider who can provide additional advice on how to meet these evolving requirements.

This provides a level of cover to enterprises that takes into account their unique makeup and choices of systems – an essential service that blanket solutions just cannot replicate.

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