Annoucement – New Partnerships

May 08, 2012

Securus Global is pleased to announce that we have entered into relationships with the following respected security product providers.

  • Rapid 7 (Vulnerability Assessment and Management)
  • Imperva SecureSphere Data Security Suite (Web Application Firewall)
  • Whitehat Web Application Security (Web Application Automated Scanning Services).

We recognise that our clients will decide at some stage to purchase such products and services, but the value proposition we present as opposed to just a product sales company is that our focus is security, and not a desire to sell you something that is not going to provide value for you. Our clients who are buying these services from Securus Global buy them from us and not from product resellers because they know Securus Global gives them the facts about the limitations of tools, while also assisting our clients in developing better solutions around tools. Nothing is just ‘plug and play.’ Working with us means you’ll get the value from your investment.

These join;

  • QualysGuard Vulnerability and Policy Compliance
  • Tripwire Configuration Audit and Control
  • Immunity Silica and CANVAS exploitation tools
  • CardRecon Credit Card Scanning

Please email us at or call Sydney on 02 92830255 or Melbourne on 03 9620 9209 if you require any information on any of these products

More information on all of these products is also on our website;

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