IT developments to factor in security audits

April 26, 2012

A new survey from Gartner has shown that 2012 may be set to become the year of cautious IT behaviour, as companies face economically turbulent market conditions.

For many chief executive officers (CEO), the uncertain financial situation presented by their competitors and stakeholders presents a powerful argument towards investing in new developments.

Gartner's survey of over 220 CEOs published on April 16 found that – while fiscal responsibility and cost control had grown in priority – IT investment was to grow over the remainder of the year.

Vice president at Gartner Jorge Lopez explained that the drive to produce additional value from technology investment was "comparatively healthy".

Mr Lopez asserted: "The newer trends, such as mobile and cloud, are rising to the foreground of CEOs attention.

"However, CRM remains CEOs' favourite IT capability because marketing is a never-ending competitive quest for customer retention."

While the value generated from effective use of data mining and long-term relationship management activities, due diligence demands that the level of online security needs to reflect the value represented by the material kept on hand.

Ideally, vulnerability management measures should be an integral part of the planning process – with the costs and benefits factored into additional IT project planning.

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