Vulnerability management for social media

March 26, 2012

The explosive growth experienced in the realm of social media makes it an obvious channel for malicious parties to probe for vulnerabilities in commercial organisations.

Because it is such a new medium for many users, they may not be aware of the security steps needed to ensure the safety of the firm's digital assets.

However, this does not mean that a blanket ban on social pages is the most appropriate response to the threats they pose to a firm.

This is because, when properly applied, the reach available to a company through these channels is quite significant and can deliver efficiencies of scale previously unattainable.

To this end, a hybrid approach may be beneficial, with a modern plan to vulnerability management ensuring that systems are in place to handle threats should a situation arise, as well as providing ongoing training for staff members in the appropriate use of social channels.

In essence, this will allow employees to continue to make use of online media to interact with target audiences and colleagues in value-adding activities while keeping the necessary systems in place to protect a firm from malicious activities.

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