Ethical hacking specialists to assess online defenses

March 22, 2012

When malicious parties attempt to access the digital assets of a firm, it may not always be to try and gain control over financial information.

The contact details stored by a business can be just as valuable to third parties as bank accounts and credit card numbers, simply because of the opportunities they represent.

While many companies are quite diligent in storing their sensitive information away from prying eyes, it can be tough for those on the inside to know exactly how much information is available during a committed attack.

To get a clear view of the digital features that are the most easily accessible – but without the dangers of actually losing data – an ethical hacking team can be organised to examine the defences.

Reporting their findings directly back to the company, an online security team can perform penetration testing to all areas of a firm – or limit their activities to specific areas that are of concern to the business.

This allows managers in charge of the protection of digital assets to know which parts of their framework represent the biggest threat, allowing them to act before an actual attack occurs.

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